Who does and does not need to register?

If your company works at the required sites and meets the following criteria, then you should register your company and site-based workers.

  • I am a contractor or subcontractor who works on site (e.g. advisory, technical, maintenance and/or servicing).
  • I am a supplier who delivers goods regularly to site (e.g. raw product deliveries of log, chip, biomass, etc; and routine deliveries of resin, waxes, chemicals, etc).
  • I am a contracted warehouse operator to site (e.g. receipt and dispatch of board).

If you are unsure if you need to register, please contact your site representative.


The following companies and/or workers are not required to register.

  • Couriers and irregular delivery companies and their delivery drivers
  • Suppliers and contractors not working at site
  • Visitors to site
  • Warehouse delivery drivers
  • Irregular log, chip, biomass, resin and other consumables delivery drivers
  • Fuel and LPG suppliers & their delivery drivers
  • Telecommunication companies and their workers
  • Utility companies and their workers


Laminex has a duty of care to ensure all contractors on our sites are compliant with workplace health and safety requirements.  If you engage subcontractors to perform work, then each of those subcontractors must also register to identify their company and employees who work directly for them.  Please ensure that any subcontractors you engage register their details with Pegasus prior to commencing work at Laminex.